Indulge yourself in luxury because your hair isn't the only thing that has to shine


I have super fine hair with no wave or body and Carol designed it to look thick and full with my new color and cut. It is so easy to do and she helped me to re create the look. I wear it many ways and she created this look for my face and my lifestyle. I literally have no time for hair in the morning and don’t need to because she showed me how to do it with the right products. It looks thick and shiny all day! Thanks Carol!
Jennie M.
I have had Carol as my hair stylist for about 13 years. She knows my hair
well! It is thick and curly, and difficult to deal with. But she always
knows what to do with it, and right now I love it more than ever. Have
learned to just let it go natural and I always get compliments on it!
Leanne R.

“Walking into Bella Studio Salon is a wonderful experience. Beautifully decorated and always changing, it is always fun to see what’s new. The staff is friendly and professional and I always feel taken care of well. They keep up on the latest trends so I walk out looking and feeling great! “

                           Susie M.


"Bella Salon has a pleasant, non-pretentious atmosphere and stylists who listen to and take time with each customer.  My stylist, Carol, worked with me to find a color product that didn't cause an allergic reaction on my scalp and still covers the gray well.  She also gently shows me the best way to wear my hair and is enthusiatic about getting me to try new styles.  For me, getting my hair done at Bella Salon is like visit to a spa with a good friend."  

                      Tharon Lyon